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Discharge planning


Our aim is to help you get home as soon as you are well enough.

We try to start planning this within 24 hours of admission so there is plenty of time to make contact with everyone involved and to arrange any help you need.

The estimated discharge date will be reviewed regularly during your stay. You will not be discharged until your doctors and everyone else involved in your care confirm you are ready and it is safe for you to leave. However, once this is agreed it will be expected that you leave on that date. With your permission, we may need to talk to your family, social care or other health professionals. We will discuss all arrangements with you and ensure that you have everything you need for a full recovery.

The nurses on the ward will be happy to answer any questions or discuss any worries you have about leaving hospital. The sooner we know about these, the sooner we can sort out any support or equipment you may need.

You will be involved in planning your discharge and we will work to ensure that you have everything you need for a full recovery when you return home.

Key steps in the discharge process

  • On admission we will ask you about the support you already have at home and we will try to contact the people you tell us about to help plan your discharge
  • An estimated date of discharge (EDD) will be set and reviewed regularly
  • You will be told the name and telephone number of a nurse on your ward who can be contacted to discuss your discharge plans
  • Please let your friends, family or carers know your EDD and agree one person to contact the ward and let others know how you are doing 
  • Your consultant or doctor in charge of your care will let you know when you are medically fit for discharge
  • We will assess what support you need after discharge and a care plan will be discussed and agreed with you if needed 
  • All equipment you need will be arranged before discharge and you will be given any medicines to take home with you 

Please read our discharge planning leaflet which may answer some of your questions. 

Help available for you

When you go home, your GP surgery should be the first place you ring should you have any worries about your health. Some other services available include:

  • Community social care services - your local authority will carry out a community care assessment if you request this
  • Community nursing services - your GP can refer you to community nurses after discharge but if you need support we will arrange this before you go home. For more information visit
  • NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) - is a package of services arranged and funded by the NHS for people with complex ongoing health needs. For more information visit
  • Private care - your local authority will help you to find privately funded care if you would like
  • Equipment - a hospital therapist will assess you for any equipment you may need at home to increase your safety and independence and will assist you in ordering the equipment
  • Home safety - you can also ask one of the team caring for you to help you complete a safe and independent living form (SAIL). SAIL offers Dorset residents free support, services or information to help keep you safe and independent in your own home. SAIL is a Dorset wide partnership between local authorities, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, Dorset Police, third sector organisations, local groups and services, Dorset Energy Advice Service Centre, Age UK, and the local health service. You can request a SAIL assessment at any time by contacting Dorset Energy Advice Centre: 0800 9750166 or for more information visit

Contact details

Phone graphicFor a non life-threatening emergency dial 111

Bournemouth Borough Council - Bournemouth Care Direct: 01202 454979 or,

Borough of Poole (BOP) Adult Social Care help desk: 01202 633908 (or 07779880212 for texts only) or

Dorset County Council - Dorset Adult Access Team: 01305 221016 or Monday - Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday: Closed or

Out of hours adult social care: 01202 657279

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