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Patients & visitors

Hospital facilities

ChefPoole Hospital offers patients and visitors a range of amenities and services, including:


The Dolphin Restaurant
The Dolphin Restaurant is the hospital's main dining room, and offers a wide range of food to visitors and staff. Meals and drinks are available throughout the day from 7am-7.30pm Monday to Friday, and 7.15am-7.3-pm at weekends and bank holidays. The Dolphin Restaurant is located on the lower ground floor.

Meal deal terms and conditions

WRVS Coffee Shop
There is also a WRVS coffee shop by the entrance to the main outpatient department, serving hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cakes and snacks.

Purbeck Rise Cafe
The Purbeck Rise Café is located near entrance 6, close to the Philip Arnold Unit. The cafe serves a variety of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks.

Trolley service to wards
The WRVS provides an excellent trolley service to the wards, offering patients and visitors the opportunity to buy drinks and snacks at their bedside. 

Hospital shop
The hospital shop is located next to main reception (entrance 10) and sells a variety of snacks, drinks and confectionery.

Hot drinks machines can also be found at locations around the hospital.


Main hospital shop
The hospital shop is located next to the main reception (entrance 10) and is open daily. The shop sells an extensive range of confectionery, stationery, basic toiletries, toys, papers and magazines, as well as greeting cards. 

Gift shop
Poole Hospital Charity runs a gift shop near the main reception, which is open Monday to Friday from 10am-3pm and stocks a range of gifts and cards.

Book shop
Poole Hospital Charity also runs a second-hand bookshop on the main reception corridor, which sells a range of fiction and non-fiction books

Library service

A trolley library service visits the ward regularly. The library stocks a range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Sending mail

Stamps are sold from the trolley shop and the hospital shop. A member of staff will put your mail in the ward out-tray by 3pm for same day post or there is a postbox by main reception (entrance 10) where post is collected is at 5.45pm.

TV, radio and films

A radio/information channel is provided free at each bedside plus a fee-paying television and telephone service.


Public telephones are located around the hospital. There are three pay telephones in the reception area of entrance 10. Other pay telephones are situated in D block, the Diabetes Centre, entrance 6 of the Philip Arnold Unit, emergency department, maternity unit and on most wards.

The use of mobile phones is permitted in some wards - check our A-Z of wards for more information. If mobile phone use is permitted, we ask that patients use their phone with consideration for others.

The Hospedia bedside entertainment system also includes telephone facilities, allowing patients to make outgoing calls and friends and relatives to contact them directly. Hospedia services are available at a range of pricepoints.

Cash machines

There is one free cash machine in the hospital located in the Dome.

Patient and visitor wifi

Free Wi-Fi is now available for staff, patients and visitors to the hospital, kindly funded by the Poole Hospital Charity.

It can be accessed with the following steps:

1. turn your device’s Wi-Fi on

2. select ‘NHS Wi-Fi’ from the available networks list

3. open your browser and follow the on screen instructions to register or log on

4. enjoy your free Wi-Fi.

Fire safety

We are required by law to test fire alarms weekly and do so between 8.15-9am on different days in different parts of the hospital. Occasionally there is a full fire drill which may happen during your stay.

There is a strict no smoking policy throughout the hospital. In addition visitors who use toasters in ward kitchens must never leave them unattended.

If you suspect a fire you must raise the alarm by telling a member of staff or breaking the glass on a wall-mounted red fire alarm box.In the event of a fire all staff are fully trained and will give clear instructions and move patients to safety.

Patient advice and support

A PALS team member on the phoneThe Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), based in the Health Information Centre, offers support and advice to patients and relatives.

Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS)

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