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Consultant directory - F-J


Mr Mark Farrar, consultant orthopaedic surgeon

Dr Maxine Flubacher, consultant clinical oncologist

Dr Louise Fraser, consultant haematologist

Dr Darshayani Furby, consultant haematologist


Dr Tom Geldart, consultant medical oncologist

Dr Michael Girgis, consultant anaesthetist

Dr Lauren Gorf, consultant clinical oncologist

Mr Lee Gray, consultant in emergency medicine

Dr Ralph Gregory, lead consultant neurologist

Dr Peter Grenholm, consultant neurologist

Dr Nicole Guppy, consultant paediatrician


Dr Rachel Haden, consultant anaesthetist

Dr Shireen Haider, consultant histocytopathologist

Dr Fran Haigh, consultant anaesthetist

Dr Amélie Harle, consultant medical ongologist

Dr Gill van Hasselt, consultant anaesthetist

Mrs Kate Heathcote, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon (Otorhinolaryngologist)

Dr John Herbetko, consultant radiologist

Dr Tamas Hickish, consultant medical oncologist

Mr Tim Hillard, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist

Dr Charles Hillier, consultant neurologist

Dr John Holloway, consultant anaesthetist

Dr Delyth Howard, consultant community paediatrician

Dr Munir Hussain, consultant paediatrician

Dr Kudair Hussein, consultant histopathologist


Mr Velupillai Ilankovan, consultant maxillofacial surgeon

Miss Anni Innamaa, consultant gynaecologist (sub-specialist in gynaecological oncology)

Dr Misbah Ismail, consultant radiologist


Dr Fergus Jack, consultant haematologist

Dr Simon Jackson, consultant anaesthetist

Dr Joseph Jacoby, consultant radiologist

Dr Sarah James, consultant geriatrician

Dr Ram Jayaprakash, consultant haematologist

Dr Jonathan Jones, consultant radiologist

Dr Andrew Jordan, consultant cardiologist

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