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New £330,000 delivery service makes meals more appetising for inpatients

A new meal delivery service has been introduced at Poole Hospital, which allows food to be served to inpatients at more appetising temperatures.

The trolley system ensures main meals are served hotter, and chilled drinks and desserts colder, than before.

Meals that are served at the correct temperature provide the best taste, appearance and nutritional value and help encourage patients who may have trouble eating - or may not wish to eat - to consume food to aid their recovery.

The trollies are docked in a station where hot air is blown over meals that need to be hot while cold air chills certain food and drink. This replaces the previous system which used hot and cold plates.

Lydia Drayton, acute dietician, said: “Nutrition is a vital part of patient recovery and we are hopeful that the new system will ensure food is arriving in the most appetising way possible to improve oral intake.”

Stuart Willes, head of operations, added: “It is a great example of the trust showing its commitment to the investment in facilities and management services that affect our patients,”

The system has been in place since 31 October and replaces a service which was more than 25 years old. It cost £330,000 to install.

New patient meal delivery service

Stuart Willes, Lydia Drayton and Kevin Bailey, catering manager with one of the new trollies

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