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Help a child with diabetes and donate coins not chocolate to Poole Hospital this Easter

Every Easter, Poole Hospital gratefully receives hundreds of chocolate eggs from generous members of the public.

This year, Poole Hospital Charity and the hospital’s children’s unit and diabetes service, are taking a novel approach and are appealing for local people to donate coins instead of chocolate as part of the fundraising Easter Appeal.

They are asking the public to consider not donating an Easter egg but rather a financial contribution towards helping children with diabetes attend a fun adventure camp this summer.

The children’s diabetes team takes its patients to a summer camp every year and a small donation, no more than the price of a chocolate egg, will help more children attend the trip.

The camp is a great way for young patients to share their diabetic journeys with new friends and learn how to better manage their condition.

Kyra, a camp goer in in 2018, said: “You get to meet up with people of similar ages, who face similar problems to you and have a fun summer holiday packed with exciting activities – without any worries at all.

“Honestly, diabetes camp is such an overwhelmingly incredible experience.”

With your support, children like Kyra, can enjoy a week of summer adventures that can include activities such as canoeing, archery, mountain biking and climbing. At the camp no-one feels different or isolated for having to test their blood glucose levels and inject insulin throughout the day.

Sharon McCallum, the hospital’s lead paediatric diabetes specialist nurse, believes that the camp is extremely beneficial to children with diabetes.

“The biggest benefit, I think, is to meet other children with diabetes,” said Sharon, who, along with the rest of the diabetes team, took 36 children on the trip last year.

“Often children with diabetes feel different from their peers so they love the fact everyone else is just like them having to test their blood glucose and inject insulin throughout the day.

“We encourage the children to push themselves and to see whether they can accomplish physical challenges while managing their condition.

“It’s so important to actively encourage physical activity, particularly if you have type 1 diabetes, because of the risk of cardio vascular compilations.”

The diabetes summer camp is being held at Calshot Activity Centre, Southampton, on 22-25 August for children in school years 4-11.

Each place costs £268 and is funded by donations to the Easter Appeal. To donate, and to support children with diabetes in Dorset the Easter, visit

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