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Call the midwife? Put her in your pocket instead!

A Poole Hospital midwife has poured almost two decades of practical experience, advice and information gleaned from guiding mums-to-be and their families into a new book.

Emma Cook midwife in my pocketCommunity midwife Emma Cook wrote A Midwife In My Pocket after discovering that while there were many books on pregnancy available, few offered the depth of practical advice and insight that she could.

The book is intended to supplement the information mums-to-be receive from their own midwife, and answer many of the questions that can occur between midwife visits.

“As a community midwife, I’ve amassed many tips and strategies for making pregnancy and early parenthood one of the most enriching experiences,” says Emma, 44, from Wareham.

“We’re bombarded with adverts showing sunlight streaming through windows and babies sleeping peacefully all in white, while the mums look fresh faced.

“But that isn’t the reality – parenthood is a shock, even to those who have had babies before.”

The book includes information and advice on topics spanning from finding out you are pregnant, early hospital appointments, worries and concerns, labour and breastfeeding, to the first weeks at home.

A Midwife In My Pocket will be promoted to book retailers at five international book fairs later this year, in London, New York, Frankfurt, Beijing and Mexico.

“I hope my book strips back what pregnancy and being a new mum means, and focuses on some of the important topics you may not find information on elsewhere,” Emma said.

“It took me a few years to pluck up the courage to put pen to paper, and I’m really proud with the result. It’s such a thrill to know that my book is available for people to buy and that the practical knowledge and experience I’ve picked up along the way is out there for everyone to benefit from.

“My golden advice to mums-to-be is that every pregnancy and everyone is different - try not to compare your pregnancy to other pregnancies, or with previous pregnancies..

“Each baby is unique and so is each pregnancy. The same goes for labour, when a baby plans to arrive and how well a baby feeds and settles.  Enjoy the journey, even if you go overdue.  Don't stress if your labour doesn't go as planned on paper, for the safety of mum and baby is what counts.”

The book has received five star reviews from mums-to-be since it became available to buy on the Amazon website.

One online reviewer described it as a ‘must-have’ book, while another wrote: “I wish I had read it when I was having my first child - it explains everything that is happening to you, what to expect and what should happen at your regular appointments in pregnancy."

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