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Norovirus advice

Visiting on ward B4 is temporarily restricted due to the presence of norovirus – also known as the winter vomiting virus.

Poole Hospital is asking for the public’s support in helping to control the spread and keep the infection out of the hospital.

The public can play a vital role in helping to protect hospital patients by:

  • Not visiting the hospital at all if you, or any members of your household, have had any kind of sickness and/or diarrhoea Until  at least 72 hours after all the all the symptoms have completely disappeared
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly at all times, but particularly after toilet visits and before eating.

Anyone wishing to visit B4 should ring ahead first on 01202 442413 for the latest advice and information.

Visiting arrangements on Kimmeridge Ward, which had been restricted, are now back to usual. Visiting on other wards is unaffected.

Denise Richards, Assistant Director of Nursing (safety), said: “Norovirus is circulating in the local community, and we have just had our first confirmed case within our Kimmeridge ward, so it is incredibly important that we do everything we can to control the spread and keep further cases out of the hospital.

“Norovirus is a nasty sickness bug, but for people in hospital who are already poorly, it can be particularly harmful and make people very unwell.”

“We have robust measures in place to help prevent the spread of infection, but the public can also help us by staying away if you or any members of your household have had any sort of sickness or diarrhoea.”

If you are due to come into the hospital for an appointment and have experienced any of the above symptoms, please contact the department you are visiting for further advice.

8 February 2016

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