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Ultrasound comprises high-frequency soundwaves that are inaudible to humans. In medical ultrasound, a handheld probe produces soundwaves that penetrate the structures of the body, and the returning echoes are displayed as images.

It is used to visualise the internal organs, vessels and soft tissues of the body. It is also used in obstetric ultrasound to asses the foetus at varying stages of pregnancy.

Ultrasound is a painless test. Warm gel is used on the skin surface and the probe gently moved over this area. Your scan will be performed by a senior sonographer, consultant radiologist or consultant obstetrician.

Both units at Poole Hospital are equipped with up-to-date high-resolution scanners, two of which were purchased by the Poole Hospital Cancer Treatment Trust.

All patients are required to have an appropriate referral from their GP, consultant or midwife and appointments made accordingly.

Main ultrasound       

Location: Lower ground floor, main hospital building

Scans performed include abdominal, pelvic, musculo-skeletal, small parts, paediatric and vascular studies including DVT scans and early pregnancy scans.

Special procedures are also carried out including biopsies and aspirations.

Obstetric ultrasound         

Location: Maternity unit, St Mary’s Road

Scans performed include eight-week reassurance scans, 12-week/nuchal translucency screening, 18-20 week routine anomaly, fetal growth scans and dating scans.

Specialist procedures performed by consultant obstetricians include CVS and amniocentesis.

Pictures are available at 12-week scans and cost ₤5.

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