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Research and innovation

Poole Hospital is committed to research, development and innovation.

We strive to provide evidence-based care of the highest standard possible, which is why we’re committed to participating in clinical research.

Nine out of 10 children treated for leukaemia at Poole Hospital will beat the disease

Nine out of 10 children treated for leukaemia at Poole Hospital will beat the disease

Clinical trials offer the best way to compare different approaches to preventing and treating illness and health problems. Health professionals, and patients, need the evidence from trials to know which treatments work best.

We were involved in over 85 clinical research studies during 2017/18, with 1,973 patients choosing to take part in clinical research at Poole.

Thanks to those patients, the NHS is learning more all the time about how to deal with a whole range of medical conditions - and make some real breakthroughs that will improve thousands of lives.

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Research & Innovation Department, 1st Floor Cornelia House, Longfleet Road, Poole,  Dorset BH15 2JB.

Email: R&

Tel: 01202 448500



More information

For more information about how to get involved in clinical trials at Poole Hospital, contact our Health Information Centre:

Health Information Centre

Who's involved?

To find out more about the departments currently involved in clinical research, click here:

Areas of clinical research

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