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Pain clinic

The pain clinic treats patients with persistent pain - pain that continues despite investigation and intervention. Chronic pain is usually defined as pain which has lasted for three months or longer, beyond the expected time of recovery.

You may be referred to the pain clinic by your GP or by a consultant working in another hospital department.

Pain management unit

Once referred, you will receive an initial assessment to explore the most appropriate direction of treatment, which will be discussed with you. A management plan will be organised and appropriate treatment and support offered.

This may mean you working with one or more members of the team or joining the pain management programme. This is run by all staff on the unit and aims to help you understand and manage your pain and lead your life as effectively as possible.

The pain management unit aims to help you regain control of your life and, despite being in pain, to find a way of enjoying each day instead of feeling overwhelmed by your pain. This is done by helping people:

  • deal with negative (but normal) emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, isolation and helplessness, which are very normal when one has to deal with pain;
  • understand the nature of chronic pain in your body;
  • maintain a general level of physical fitness so that you are better able to feel healthy and deal with your pain;
  • plan your daily activity so that you have meaningful ways of occupying your time and distracting yourself from the pain but without doing so much that you are over-taken by fatigue and pain;
  • learn to pace yourself;
  • develop new skills, strengths and activities to replace the ones you can no longer participate in, which bring a level of pleasure, accomplishment and self-esteem back into your lives.

You and your family need to understand your pain, as well as support and encouragement. In order to meet your needs, the clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of consultant anaesthetists who specialise in chronic pain, a clinical psychologist, experienced nursing staff and a receptionist.

There are several treatments and interventions that may help, which include medication, acupuncture/low level laser therapy, injections and TENS.


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