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Diabetes Centre

The Diabetes Centre at Poole Hospital provides holistic care for anyone with diabetes, and we have established ourselves as a Centre of Excellence.

We have many different types of clinics and education services for people with diabetes – below are just some of them. You may want to discuss referral to the Diabetes Centre with your GP.

Diabetes education

Type 1 diabetes education - Undersanding carbohydrate and insulin ratios (UCAIR)
Our course for people with type 1 diabetes is based around learning the principles of carbohydrate counting in order to be able to adjust insulin doses appropriately, but covers many other aspects of diabetes care in group sessions with others. Please contact the diabetes nurse specialists on 01202 448063 for further details. 

Type 2 diabetes education
We believe that the most important area of treatment for diabetes is educating patients so that they can look after their diabetes themselves. We therefore offer an education course for all patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, run in different locations – for further details, please see your GP.

Diabetes clinics and services

Diabetes foot care
If you have diabetes and a problem with your feet, please see your GP. They should then refer you to the diabetes foot care programme, which has podiatrists (chiropodists) working both in GP practices and the hospital.

Insulin pump service for people with type 1 diabetes
In order to get the best out of an insulin pump, you should be regularly testing your blood sugars and have to have a good understanding of carbohydrate counting. If you would like to try an insulin pump, please discuss it with your GP or contact one of the diabetes specialist nurses on 01202 448063.

Young People's Diabetes Service

This service is designed for young people as they move from the paediatric (children’s) clinic to the adult diabetes service. They run weekly clinics in the Diabetes Centre.

Click here to visit their own information page.

Diabetes pre-pregnancy care
If you have diabetes and are thinking about having a baby, it is vital that you get your diabetes as well controlled as possible = before you fall pregnant. We provide special care under these circumstances, so if you are thinking about having a baby and have diabetes, please either contact your GP or the diabetes nurse specialists on 01202 448063.

Diabetes antenatal clinic
We run a weekly joint antenatal clinic with the obstetric team to try and maintain as good sugar control as we can. The team includes a dedicated midwife. If you have any questions or queries about diabetes pregnancy, contact one of the diabetes team, or ask your GP to refer you.

Diabetes eye screening
The Diabetes Centre contains a fully equipped camera room for taking digital images of the back of the eye. Three retinal screeners work in the centre taking pictures and grading the images. They also liaise closely with the eye specialists to discuss any abnormal results.

Joint diabetes eye clinics
Patients with serious diabetic eye disease are assessed and treated in this weekly joint clinic. An eye specialist from the Royal Bournemouth Hospital eye unit joins the Poole diabetic specialist team, ensuring we all work together to reduce the risk of sight loss. The Poole Hospital Diabetes (charity) trust fund generously bought a laser for the centre so that patients can be treated at their appointment. If you are attending this clinic, expect to be at the hospital for at least two hours as you see two specialists during the visit.  

Erectile dysfunction clinic
This monthly clinic is run by one of the diabetes specialist Nurses and is known as the MARS clinic. The problem of erectile dysfunction is believed to affect up to 50% of men with diabetes. Referral to this clinic is via your own GP or from a member of the Diabetes Centre team.

Find us

The Diabetes Centre is based in the Philip Arnold Unit at Poole Hospital's main site on Longfleet Road. It can be easily accessed from the Hospital's main car park.

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Contact us

Diabetes Centre reception:
01202 448060

Nurse specialists: 
01202 448063

Specialist dietitians:
01202 448064

Specialist podiatrists:
01202 448077

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