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CT scans

The CT scanning department undertakes a full range of routine CT scanning procedures, plus a range of advanced techniques including large and small bowel studies and Cardiac CT. The examinations are performed either on our Siemens Somaton 16 slice scanner or on our 64 slice GE scanner.

The radiologists who interpret the scan images have full access to advanced workstations designed to enable them to extract maximum diagnostic information from the images.

A CT scanner uses X-rays and enormously powerful computers to acquire and process the images of the head or body. The pictures are taken across the body in very thin sections (down to 0.625mm) and can then be manipulated using the workstations to create images in any direction.

For some CT studies more information can be gained if the patient receives preparation prior to the scan - for example, a drink to make the bowel show up more clearly on the images.

In many instances an injection will be given at the time of the scan to highlight the blood vessels and certain organs, thereby providing maximum information to the doctors.

Because a CT scanner uses X-rays to produce images, it is acknowledged that a patient will receive a radiation dose.

This fact will have been considered prior to the examination being carried out and the diagnostic information gained will have been weighed against the dose, and the test deemed justified in the clinical circumstances.





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The scanning suite is located on the lower ground floor of the main hospital building.

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About CT scans

Guide to CT scans (NHS Choices)

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