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Community nursing team

The children's community nursing team provides support and expert nursing care for children at home.

This could follow discharge from hospital, or for those with long term life-threatening, life-limiting or terminal illness. 

The CCN team is employed by Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and is based on the children's unit.

The team's mission is to work within a multi-disciplinary environment to deliver excellent and individualised child and family centred care.

It aims to allow the child/ infant to achieve optimum potential for health and development within their family environment, by minimising hospital admission and facilitating early discharge, if admitted, working in partnership with families.

Case load criteria

  • Children and young people with complex health care needs, who are technology dependant under the age of 16 years of age.

Referrals - criteria for referral

  • The patient must be under the age of 16 years of age, resident in East Dorset
  • The child must have a GP in East Dorset
  • The child must have a paediatric consultant at Poole Hospital
  • The child must be technology dependant and have a recognised specialised paediatric/neonatal nursing need requiring support
  • The parent or carer must be available and willing to carry out care at home or other appropriate setting

Who can refer to the CCN team?

Any health professional in the team around the child can refer to the CCN Team.

Area coveredChildren's community nursing team area


The CNN sits within the maternity, children's and diagnostics division. 

Aims of service:

  • To enable children with a debilitating disease to fulfil their potential, enhancing their quality of life
  • To facilitate the early discharge of children, babies and young people who have been admitted to hospital and have complex health needs
  • To prevent the re-admission of children to hospital
  • To promote the health and well being of the child and their families through health education and support
  • To work in partnership with parents within a relationship of mutual trust and respect
  • To offer skilled nursing support of acutely and chronically sick children in their own homes
  • To ensure effective liaison and support occurs between all agencies involved in the care of the child at home, and other community settings
  • Development of best practice guidance and service quality standards
  • At the end of life allow the child to die with dignity in the place of their choice
  • To support the family after the death of a child and facilitate entry into local bereavement services

Services provided

Direct intervention

Lists of core and specialist services, where nursing care, advice and support is provided to the child and their family, are given below:


Core interventions

Specialist interventions

  • Short-term acute illness
  • Long term chronic illness
  • Any child with an identified nursing need who is technology dependant
  • Oncology
  • Palliative
  • Respiratory
  • Children with complex needs.
  • Sleep studies
  • Premature babies/ low birth weight babies
  • Enteral feeding
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Ventilation


These services are defined in more detail as follows:


This includes children with both leukaemia and solid tumours. The team is able to offer a comprehensive service to these children, including accessing central lines for blood sampling and providing advice and support and practical assistance both during and after treatment.

The team also offers administration of IV cytarabine at home. The CCN team supports the oncology out patient clinics.

Palliative and end of life care

The team delivers skilled palliative care to support the families individual needs. End of life care is delivered at the place of the child/young persons choice with the support of a multi disciplinary team, as defined by the National Framework for Continuing Health Care (DOH 2010) and Better Care Better Lives (DOH 2009).

Respiratory disorders.

The children’s respiratory advanced nurse practitioner supports a service to children in the community and/or home ventilation.

This involves meeting the training and educational needs of those caring for the child, and supplying and maintaining necessary equipment.

Training and education is also provided to children and families where a medical respiratory need is identified.

The respiratory nurse also manages all children with cystic fibrosis and supports the cystic fibrosis outpatients clinic.

Children requiring enteral nutrition

Children who require enteral feeding by naso-gastric or gastrostomy tube are cared for in the home. The CCN will teach and support the family safe care for the child.

Liaison with other agencies involved with these families is essential, the CCN can contribute to the teaching/education of carers and other professionals involved in the child’s care.

Support is also offered for children requiring total parental nutrition.

Premature babies/low birth weight babies

The CCN service will be able to assist in minimising the length of stay in NICU by providing continuing nursing care and support in the home e.g. oxygen dependent neonate due to chronic lung disease.

Sleep studies

Recording of the baby or childs’ overnight O2 saturations may be monitored within the home setting as an alternative to an admission to hospital.

Indirect intervention

The CCN team offers training for some invasive procedures to health, education and social services carers of children who are not on the case load.

  • Liaison with multi-agency professionals including local and tertiary centres.
  • Co-ordinate complex care packages including identifying the clinical needs of the child and family, assessments and applications for continuing care from Primary Care Trust. The CCN acts as the lead professional.
  • Recall of equipment for servicing and repair.
  • 24hr telephone advice and support is offered by the paediatric unit for the CCN case load who all have open access to the unit.
  • Provision of specialist advice to education, social care and voluntary organisations.
  • Active participation in the trust clinical governance agenda, improving standards of care delivery.
  • Setting clinical standards within the Poole Approach framework to improve the quality of patient care.

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