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Cardiac Rehabilitation

The aim of the cardiac rehabilitation service is to provide a safe and effective programme of education and exercise for patients following a cardiac event such as a heart attack, angina, acute coronary syndrome, angioplasty/stent intervention, coronary artery bypass grafts or valve surgery.

The rehabilitation services aim to support patients and their carer/family.

Cardiac rehabilitation has been proven to be beneficial to patients by improving quality of life and exercise capacity, and reducing levels of anxiety and readmission to hospital.

The cardiac rehab nurses work alongside other professionals in the multi-disciplinary team to plan and provide care which meets the individual needs of each patient, in line with the British Association of Cardiac Rehab (BACR) standards. The service is menu driven, giving patients more choice, and all care is evidence-based to ensure the highest standard of practice.

Support is given to patients throughout the three phases of the programme as set out below:

Phase one

When a patient is admitted to Poole Hospital with a cardiac event they will be seen on the ward by a cardiac rehabilitation nurse. Appropriate advice and information will be given to ease the patient’s anxiety and to help them make informed decisions about their care.

Phase two

All patients are invited to a cardiac rehab nurse-led clinic. This is an opportunity for the patient to have an assessment of their individual physical and psychological needs so that a plan of care is developed to promote recovery and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will include guidance on dietary needs, exercise, medication, stress management and relaxation.

If appropriate, referrals may be made to other specialists eg smoke cessation nurse, dietitian. The patient's family is also welcome to attend these sessions.

Phase three - options

Exercise programme (8 weeks)

Following a medical assessment by a doctor and an exercise tolerance test, the patient will be able to join the eight week exercise programme. This is run by the cardiac rehabilitation nurses, physiotherapists and a qualified BACR exercise instructor who will monitor you closely during these sessions. This programme will assist you to:

  • Exercise at a level that improves cardiovascular function
  • Know the parameters of exercise in which to work safely
  • Gain confidence and improve quality of life
  • Have the opportunity to discuss any concerns
  • Gain support from others taking part in the programme
  • Continue with regular exercise in the community

Individual exercise advice

For those who are unable to attend the 8-week programme but would like advice about exercise, an appointment can be made for them to see the exercise instructor. This will be a ‘one to one’ session helping to devise a plan of exercise to suit individual needs.

Seated exercise programme

For those with physical disabilities, the exercise instructor can give advice on seated exercise. To maintain this on a weekly basis, you can be referred to Poole Heart Support group who run regular sessions.

Heart failure programme

Patients with heart failure must be referred to the department by their cardiologist.  A pre-course assessment will be carried out by nursing staff prior to the exercise sessions. This programme runs for 12 weeks and is specifically designed to suit the individual needs of each patient. On completion of the programme a step down class is available.

Other services

  • Monthly education mornings for CHD patients and their spouse/family
  • Stress awareness programmes
  • ICD Support Group
  • Poole Heart Support Group (contact Jim Waine, tel 01202 683363 ext 133) or visi

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